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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you sell gift certificates?

    We sure do! We offer eGift Certificates online to make purchasing super easy! 


    You can send your eGift Certificate now or schedule it for a delivery date in the future. You can email the eGift Certificate to the recipient or print it out and present it to them. (Or even make a cute one yourself! Just be sure the 16-digit # is written on it.)  


    To buy an eGift Certificate online, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on eGift Certificates in the pink box.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    Everyone pays at the Studio upon arrival for class. We accept cash, ALL credit and debit cards, and our eGift Certificates. We cannot accept checks.


  • How can I cancel/change a reservation if there are at least 24 hours remaining before class time?

    1) Log in to your account. (It may send you back to the calendar. Just click on "account" again.)


    2) Find the class you are canceling or LOWERING your seat count for and click "modify” to change your seat count OR the little trash can to cancel your entire reservation.  


    3) If you are LOWERING your seat count, click on "modify" and then click the trash can to the right of one of the attendees.


    4) Click "save changes". (It will require you to fill in your name and phone number.) Click "cancel seat".


    DISREGARD the pop ups about credits. Since you didn't pre-pay online, there has been nothing charged to a credit card.


    The website will NOT ALLOW you to ADD SEATS. You have to make a NEW reservation and cancel your first reservation.


    It's a lot! SORRY! You can also text your changes to Jennifer at 205-616-3351. Please include your name, the date of the class, and the change that you are requesting. (Add seats, cancel seats, or cancel your reservation.)


  • Do you sell beer or wine? What can I bring to drink?

    We DO NOT sell any alcoholic beverages. We are BYOB only. We sell soft drinks and water for $1 each. We have plastic cups and bottle openers, but we don't have ice. We can not chill your beverages for you.


    There are no restrictions on what you can bring to drink. Adults ages 21+ are welcome to bring beer, wine, liquor, or whatever you like to drink.


    You are welcome to bring a small cooler.


  • Can I bring food?

    Yes! But please limit your snacks to small finger foods. Space is limited. There is not space to set up a buffet and we do not have room to add extra tables.


    Sometimes we can accommodate more food space. It just depends on the size of the class. Please text Jennifer at 205-616-3351 to see if there is room available if you need more than a 3 foot x 3 foot area.


  • What should I wear? Do you have aprons? Does acrylic paint come out of clothes?

    You are welcome to wear anything you like, but be aware that our paint DOES NOT COME OUT OF CLOTHES. We do have aprons that you are welcome to wear.


  • Can I bring a friend that just wants to watch? Can I share a canvas with my husband? Can I bring my child to sit in an adult class?

    Unfortunately, no.


    We DO NOT allow spectators that don't purchase a seat or pay the sit-in fee. Everyone must pay the class fee to participate OR $30 to sit-in. Kids under 12 are not allowed in 7pm or 2pm classes. Kids 12+ are welcome but must pay and paint.


    We DO NOT allow canvas sharing. Everyone in class must purchase their own seat/canvas/project for the price shown on the calendar OR pay the $30 sit-in fee.


    The ONLY exception is that a parent is welcome to stay with their child in the kid's class on Saturdays at noon. Adults are welcome to pay and paint too but it is not required in kids class.


  • How long does a class last?

    Adult classes last between 2 and 3 hours depending on the size of the class and the steps in the painting. Kid's classes last 1 and a half hours.


  • Can you come to my house and teach a class or host a party?

    Yes! For information about hosting an event at your own location, text Jennifer at 205-616-3351. Include the date(s) you are interested in, the time requested, the address of the painting party, and the number of attendees. Prices start at $500 for 10 people and increase based on the details of your event.


  • Do I pay online when I register for a class? I am having trouble at checkout.

    We don't require prepayment when you make your reservation. All customers pay upon arrival at class.


    Be sure you are completing all steps. Click PLACE ORDER. Click "agree & checkout".